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STIHL FSE 71 Electric Grass Trimmer


Light, robust and powerful electric grass trimmer with integrated overload protection. With AutoCut C 5-2 nylon line mowing head and comfortable rubberised 2-component handle. Perfect for trimming and thinning jobs and working on smaller areas in noise sensitive environments.


Electric Grass Trimmer - FSE 71 - Autocut C 5-2



Technical data


Rated Voltage V240
Power consumption W540.0
Weight kg4
Standard Cutter BladesMowing head AutoCut C 5-2
Vibration level, left m/s² 1)2.7
Vibration level, right m/s² 1)2.5
Total length cm 2)1.530
Diameter of cutting circle mm350
Cutting toolAutoCut C5-2
Cable length0.500+ 0.050


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