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  • Tilling width 230mm
  • Tilling depth 203mm
  • GX25 Engine
  • Fold Over handles
  • Optional accessories: Aerator, Edger, Heavy-Duty Digging Tines & De-Thatcher


  • Powered by the economical and environmentally friendly mini 4-stroke GX25 Honda engine, the FG110 Tiller has an adjustable 9" tilling width - making it ideal for raised beds and narrow rows.

    It's a lightweight, easy to use and efficient personal garden cultivator featuring fingertip controls. There's no assembly required for this tiller as the handlebars fold for easy storage and shipping - simply unfold and tighten for use.

    That means you can get stuck into your garden from the moment you bring your FG110 home.

Honda FG110 Tiller

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